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July 2012

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About Me

I figured I should put up something public to let people know about me and why I'm here.

For one, I'm a fan fiction writer. I believe in good fan fiction, the kind that is realistic, explained, and doesn't ship people together that shouldn't be (though I've been known to push together a few couples back in the day. I may do it again, but I'll keep those private). If you think my work is crap, okay then. I know I need work, but if I'm not good enough for you, whatever. That's life. Just don't bombard me with your hate. I have better stuff to do...

Like college. I'm a college student who's transferring to a larger school soon. That's a lot of work and trouble, especially when you're comfortable somewhere (and hate driving. I'll have to drive to this new school, and it's almost an hour away). I won't provide updates here: see the following:

I have two accounts you should check out. First, to see some of what's here, check out my fanfiction.net account: link My main account (one for personal updates along with other types of writing) is my deviantArt account: link

Another thing before I go: this account is used as not only a place to submit what fan fiction I've already submitted to the other accounts, but I plan to have more. Chapters will be submitted here before I submit them to my other accounts, and sometimes I may only submit a piece to this account. So if you like my work, friend me. If not, I hope you have a good day^^