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July 2012

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Journal: December Writing: Week One

Day One: December 1st

Despite my rough day (constant work throughout the day, and I'm exhausted), I did decide to start my novel. Despite me wanting to add 50K to my November novel, I've decided to start another one.
Novel Details:
Title: --No Title Yet--
Genre: Drama (again)
Summary: --I'm still working on this, but here's what I have so far-- In a town built around the socialite, a young woman and her family must find a way to fit in despite their small town upbringing. Can they survive Christmases in this large town, or will it swallow them alive?

"But that was then, dear Donna! Today five is enough, and surely seven is as well. But nine? It is much too much even for a descendant of a large family."

"In Hartford, we had--"

"'In Hartford'?" Annie mocked. "Donna, we've discussed this. Do not compare us to them. We are not like them, and we will never be like them."

"I apologize, Annie. Sometimes I forget."

"I have a fix for that as well," Annie smirked. She placed her cup on the nearest table and rang a bell. A maid appeared with a small box. She also handed Annie a fancy lighter. "I learned how to do this from the worst of hoodlums, but the rush it gives, and the calmness.... Smoke with me, Donna."

"But I must be returning home soon. My husband expects dinner at six sharp, and I must begin preparing early."

"Donna, Donna, Donna: this will help you enjoy that meal like you never have before. Mind you, you may feel tireder than usual while preparing it, but the meal itself will taste simply divine. Here, take a puff," Annie whispered after taking a long drag. Donna hesitated, simply watching as the woman took another. "Donna, you are such a buzz kill. Come on, take a puff. It's not like anyone will ever know."

"But Stephen..."

"My Michael never noticed when I do this. In fact, he compliments me on my mood afterwards. He compliments my appetite, my creativity, my flare!" Annie exclaimed, taking another drag. "Take a drag before the colors fade. Come on, don't be shy."

Donna stood and appeared to be giving in. But instead she placed her empty cup on the coffee table and turned to leave. Annie made exclamations after her, but she ignored them. She pulled on her coat, carefully securing every zipper and button before stepping out into the cold.

She walked home despite the light snow falling, barely noticing as it dusted the sidewalks she stepped upon.

"That would never happen in Hartford," she thought, taking gentle steps towards her stoop and trying to achieve a happy demeanor before entering the home. A deep breath was her drug, and a smile was on her face before she had her hand on the knob. "But we're not in Hartford anymore," she concluded, placing her coat on the hanger and taking her place in the kitchen. She had a new life to fulfill, and she planned to do so.

Do you like? Since I don't think I'll publish this one, you can have an excerpt a day. I'll try to keep them short if I can.

Today's Word Count: 2,995
Words to go: 47,005
--End of Day One--

Day Two: December 2nd
I did not get very far today. For one, I got a tetanus shot, so my arm is quite sore. Secondly, I'm still tired for whatever reason. I'm not as exhausted as yesterday, but I'm still heading to bed early.
The Numbers
Yesterday's Word Count: 2,995
Today's Word Count: 648
Total So Far: 3,643
Words Remaining: 46,357

Daily Excerpt:
When all of the older, more experienced women had shared their ideas, Donna was allowed to give hers.

"Well in Hartford--"

"Hartford again?" Annie interjected. "Do tell me that you are not still hung up over that boring little town."

The room was silent. Though Donna was not the highest in command (in fact she was the lowest), she still deserved the same respect as everyone else. Mary stepped in on her behalf.

"I would like to know how Hartford handles these situations. Please continue, Donna," Mary smiled, glancing darkly towards Annie before looking back to hear her response.

"In Hartford, we usually held our large gatherings in the church's auditorium. When it burned down a few years ago, the gatherings were moved to the high school's gymnasium. It needed some cleaning, but it allowed for optimal amounts of space and parking," Donna explained quietly.

"I take that Hartford did not have a nice bingo hall for you to use instead?" Annie smirked, expecting a few light chuckles. But the group was loyal to Mary: they dared not even look at Annie, let alone respond to her lowly remark.

Mary ignored it, nodding her head with a smile.

"My son works in the school's gym, and I'm sure he could tell me if they have the room. Donna, may I use your phone to call him?" Mary asked. Donna nodded, placing her cup on the nearest table and leading her into the kitchen.

But Mary had another motive: she wanted to apologize for Annie's behavior. Donna nodded at it, but she told her she knew of the woman's strange ways.

"I forget that you were here last Christmas to see her. She has not been like this long, but it has been long enough. Her alcohol and drug habits are eating at her family, and her husband's status. If she does not control herself, I fear she will lose everything. You remember this conversation if you ever decide to fall into her ways. She's seductive to both men and women, and other wives have fallen into her traps. Try not to, Donna. I know you have the willpower to fight her," Mary whispered sternly. Donna nodded, handing Mary the phone's receiver. Mary smiled to her and began dialing.

--End of Day Two--

Day Three: December 3rd
I didn't write anything today *sobs* First of all, it was monthly shopping day, so I was up at 7 this morning for the trip. We didn't get home until after 11. So I spent the whole day trying to relax after the stresses of the morning.

Also, if I write anything tomorrow, know it's just procrastination: I have a huge final paper to write, so NaDecWriMo will have to wait.

--No Word Count update or Excerpts today--
--End of Day Three--

Day Four: December 4th
I wasn't going to right today, really I wasn't! But I wasn't really feeling my paper, so I wrote some things, some good things. I have no idea what genre this book is, nor where it will go, but I just threw in a death, so we'll see where it goes from here.

The Numbers
Previous Word Count: 3,643
Today's Word Count: 2,321
Total So Far: 5,964
Remaining Words 44,036

Daily Excerpt
With her husband coming home any minute, she had to spend it cleaning. Though he'd seen the remnants of these parties before, this one was a lot more damaging than the rest. With this knowledge in her mind, Annie powered through pain and hunger until she could no longer stand it. Several rooms remained untouched by her handiwork, yet her husband arrived, expecting a dinner and a clean home. He received neither.

"Annie? Are you alright?!" Michael called, going from room to room trying to find her. Instead he found some of the untouched rooms, which slowed his search because of his shock. "Annie!" he yelled, moving to the second floor. "Annie, what is the meaning of this?!" he hissed sharply in front of the second floor's powder room. Upon opening the door, he found Annie, passed out beside the toilet, scrub brush in hand. "Annie?" he whispered.

"Hmm?" she moaned, opening her eyes to see her very disappointed husband.

"Get yourself cleaned up and meet me in the kitchen," Michael said sternly. Annie sat up, trying to speak. But Michael was already on the stairs, leaving her no opportunity to speak.

After washing her hands and getting into a cleaner dress, she joined her husband in the kitchen. It was still a mess, but none of what she cleaned in the room should've been her priority: there were fluids on the breakfast nook's table from someone's good time.

"Why would you do this to my home?" Michael asked sternly. "I expect to bring my clients here, the people who pay for this house, yet look what I nearly brought someone into. That's right, Annie: one of my clients wanted to have dinner here tonight, but because I never received a response when I called, I knew you were probably busy. That doesn't bother me: wives are supposed to be busy. But busy cleaning up after a party for complete animals? It's unacceptable."

"Michael, I can--"

"You can explain?" Michael interrupted. He chuckled sarcastically. "You can explain why you act like a whore and bring more of your whore friends here to be whores with you? No, you can't explain that, and I don't want you to try. I want you to be honest with me for once! I could deal with the affairs: you were simply returning the favor. But the drugs, alcohol, and wild parties? I'm done, Annie. Pack your bags," Michael whispered darkly.


"Pack your bags. This isn't your home anymore. Go be with one of your flings or friends or swingers, yeah, go be with one of them. But don't come back here. I'll send your other belongings when you contact my lawyer with your new residence."

"So it's over?" Annie whispered. Michael chucked again.

"It was over the day you decided your high was better than your life," he replied. "I will be filing for a divorce, so don't forget to look for a lawyer on your way to your new home."

Michael left with that comment. He stood up and went into his office, which was still trashed from the night before. Luckily his alcohol stash was untouched, and he sipped a glass of scotch while listening to Annie slam the cabinet doors of the closet. The only thing louder were her sobs, but Michael was done with that: he had more important worries than a woman who had no respect for him or his belongings.

With their Christmas Eve ruined, neither one felt the need to celebrate. Michael listened to sports commentary over the radio, sipping his scotch and trying to forget the events of the day. Annie spent the night walking to her friend's house. After an hour of lugging her things, it began to snow again. The once-clear sidewalks soon became covered and slippery. She fell numerous times, and after a particularly hard one, she stayed down, hoping she would come across a friend in the night before she froze to death.

But no one was around for her: everyone was celebrating the coming holiday with their family and friends. Donna spent the night caroling with the women from her block, while the men and boys had a snowball fight in the street. Everyone was taking advantage of the holiday to cut loose, including Annie's circle of friends. They spent the night in a nightclub in a neighboring town, not worrying about anything except for who would buy the next round. All was well with these people, and they knew it would stay that way into Christmas Day.

--End of day Four--
Day Five: December 5th
No writing for today. When you're in class at school all day, you don't have the urge to even stay awake, let alone write a novel. If you're wondering what "all day" means, since many of you have normal 8 to whenever schedules that end well before sunset, here's my schedule for Monday's (which ends today, by the way^^): Wake up around 6 (I'm usually awake before then because my body is an asshole), leave house a little before 7 (which was 6:30 this morning. Love you, Mom:/), arrive around 7:15/:20 (which was 7 this morning), go to class at 8 (American Lit: which is the reason why I won't be writing tomorrow...), fool around until my 11 class (I'm usually on deviantArt...), tend to my personal needs until time to go home for dinner (that was 5 o'clock today: I had so much to do that I knew driving myself was pointless), have dinner and rest between 5:30 and 7, attend class until 9-ish, arrive home 9:30 (if I don't fall asleep while driving or hit the wildlife. I seriously saw like 4 deer on my evening drive. Not cool, Mother Nature...), and watch Law and Order: SVU until I pass out from exhaustion.

So you see why I'm not writing my NaDec novel? Good^^

And since I'm nice and feel like I can make this a little longer, here's another excerpt from yesterday's writing. Enjoy.

The Numbers
There were no change in word count today
Total So Far: 5,964
Remaining Words 44,036

Excerpt from Yesterday...
Donna did not stay in the kitchen to hear the rest of the conversation. She grabbed her coat and other winter gear. She plucked a finished pie from its dish and moved it to a better one as Stephen hung up the phone.

"What are you doing?"

"Showing Michael my support. It's what you do at times like this," Donna replied.

"He's not home. That was Jefferson Yates that I called, the police chief. He said it looks like Michael cleared town last night."

"Why would he do that?" Donna asked emotionally, setting down the pie. "Why would he leave town when his wife was out roaming the streets in the snow?"

"They think he killed her," Stephen whispered. "They won't know until the state experts examine her body, but it looks that way right now."

"He wouldn't kill her...," Donna squeaked, holding back tears. "He couldn't kill her."

"Jefferson said their house was half-cleaned from a wild party that probably happened on the twenty-third. They know that Michael was out of town that night because he did not go to his office until yesterday. His assistant was the first person they called about him, and that is what she told them. So, if she was having wild parties without him, she might have done something else that set him off."

"I don't believe that for one minute," Donna said quietly, wiping a tear from her cheek. "She may not have been the best wife, and she was a wild woman, but Michael wouldn't murder because of that. I...I just can't believe that."

"Things happen, Donna. You of all people should know that," Stephen said sternly. Donna shot him a menacing look.

"If you'll excuse me, I need to finish this dish," Donna said darkly, pushing him out of her kitchen. He obeyed, but he knew he had set her off.
--End of Day 5--
Day Six: December 6th
No writing again today, but I can explain: I've been working on my English final All day long, like from 9 until 8. It turned out to be 20 pages, which I didn't think I could do (and that's probably 2 or 3 shorter than what it would've been if I hadn't cut out a few things).

I plan on writing tomorrow night, promise!

For your viewing pleasure, here's one more excerpt from Day Four's writings. Enjoy^^

Excerpt from two days ago...
Donna felt so strange, especially since she watched different people leave at the worst moments. She was not alone in this feeling: many people were uncomfortable. But the event had to continue, and it did.

When it was over, everyone returned home to look over the trinkets they received. The wives cleaned the dishes from the day while the husbands helped the children get out of their formal clothes while doing so themselves. With night upon them, there was nothing better for them to do.

But many were worrying: there were no updates about Annie on the radio, and no one knew anything about her death or Michael's disappearance. With the day clouded with mystery, sleep refused to come for nearly half of the town. But they remained in bed, fearful of leaving for fear of losing the person they slept beside. Even if Annie was actually murdered by Michael, her death was going to bring people closer to their loved ones, spouses included.
--End of Day 6--
Day Seven coming soon...